Full Name: Davut Akdas

Place of Birth and Date: Bolu, 1972

Academic activities up to now

September 2001-To date: I work as an Assistant Professor at Balikesir University.
October 1997-May 2001: I was awarded for PhD degree on the 12 of June 2001. My research involved mathematical modelling, design of control system and generation of locomotion trajectories for our biped robot, which leads Europe in this field. My PhD objective was to make the robot walk forwards backwards, sideways and climb up and down stairs.
Title of the Thesis: Modelling, Control and Locomotion of a Twelve Degree of Freedom Biped Robot.
Biped robot Gonzalez (652KB jpeg)
October 1996-October 1997: I obtained my MSc degree in Electronic Control Engineering at the University of Salford with Distinction. My MSc project involved calculation of dynamical model of the biped robot in the frontal plane, design of control system and assessing its robustness properties.
October 1995-October 1996: I enrolled in a preparatory year required for my acceptance to the MSc course in Electronic Control Engineering at the University of Salford
October 1989-October 1993: I was awarded my BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction at Karadeniz Technical University. In my final year project, I investigated the distribution of stress in a pressurised cylinder using Finite Element Analysis Technique.

Academic Awards up to Date

2001: I was awarded my PhD degree at the University of Salford
1997: I was awarded my MSc degree in Electronic Control Engineering with Distinction at the University of Salford
1994: I scored the 5th highest mark in a nation-wide examination organised by the Turkish Ministry of National Education, among the mechanical engineering graduates (who have minimum 60% average) in Turkey.
1993: I graduated with Distinction in mechanical Engineering Department at Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey.

Work Experience

1997 - 2000: I worked as laboratory assistant at undergraduate and MSc levels. I also gave tutorials for undergraduate students at the University of Salford.
Summer of 1992 I did a training course at TUBITAK for a period of two months. TUBITAK is Turkey's most advanced research centre. There I was given short courses every week in different laboratories.
Summer of 1991 I attended a two-month training course in BOLU cement factory in Turkey. During my visit, I learned about cement production. I also operated some of the machinery in the repair workshop.

My Research Areas

My published works

Those in international Journals
  1. Akdas, D. ve G.A. Medrano-Cerda(2001)" Design of a stabilising controller for a ten degree of freedom biped robot using linear quadratic regulator theory", Proceedings of the IMechE, Part C, Vol. 215, No: C1 pp: 27-43.
  2. G. A. Medrano-Cerda and Akdas, D. "Generation of Biped Robot Joint Trajectories for Climbing up and down Stairs", in the process of publishing.

Those in international Conferances
  1. Akdas, D. ve G.A. Medrano-Cerda(1999)"Single support static balancing of a 12 DOF biped robot",2nd International conference on Climbing and Walking Robots, CLAWAR99, pp:143-147, Portsmouth 13-15 September 1999.
  2. Akdas, D. ve G.A. Medrano-Cerda(2001)"A Systematic Approach for Biped Robot Stabilisation and Locomotion", International Conference on Information Technology in Mechatronics, pp. 197-202, 1-3 October 2001, Istanbul, Turkey.
  3. G. A. Medrano-Cerda and Akdas, D. "Stabilisation of a 12 Degree of Freedom Biped Robot", to be presented IFAC 2002 Conference.

Areas of Interests
My knowledge in software My other activities

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